Sunday, January 31, 2010

Geek Literature

Maybe this is one of my most important posts ever. Literature for Geeks and Nerds. Wonderful books (books are those things made out of dead trees in case you forgot) on wonderful geeky topics. This list, of course, doesn't claim to be complete. I am sure I forgot some books, so I encourage the reader to add those books in the comment section (hey, I want some book recommendations as well). The range of the genres, however, will not only involve Sci-Fi stuff, but also some books on SW Engineering, Economics and, oh yes, oh yes, Computer Science with all that nice theory stuff like NP-Completeness and Cellular Automatons.

The books are in no particular order, they are written down in the order they entered my mind, so there's no grouping of books and using prime numbers as accessor keys :-)

Thats the initial draft of my List. PLEASE, if you read my post, add all your favourite geeky-nerdy-favourite books in the comment section.



    1. Masters of Deception - The gang that ruled Cyberspace

    2. I loved the code breakers by David Kahn. The description of the frantic efforts against PURPLE is awesome.

      These great minds involved in that effort all seem to have suffered mental breakdowns as a result of the mind numbing complexity and stress.